Build your Saas in DAYS, not months  with a Next.js Saas boilerplate

Save 2 months of development time by simply forking the GitHub repository to start building your SaaS immediately.

🎁 $49 for first 50 customers (36 left)

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"Don't waste time building basic features; we provide those. Instead, spend time on core part."

User Authentication

Get registration, login, password reset, and forgot password functionality integrated with Clerk Auth.

Database Integration

Easily store and access your data in a secure and scalable database. This boilerplate includes a quick start Prisma to set up your database tables in less than a minute.

Payment Integration

Getting paid is incredibly easy with Stripe already integrated. And with Stripe webhooks all important data are synced to your database.


🎁 $49 for first 50 customers with Code "EARLY50"

$99 for next 100 customers

$49 for regular customers

Lifetime Membership

Pay once, own it forever

  • Waiting List Page (Demo)
  • Landing Page (Demo)
  • User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link)
  • Database Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Customer Support Integration
  • SEO-Friendly
  • OpenAI Integration (Coming Soon)
  • Markdown-Based Blog/Doc Integration
  • 24x7 Community Support
  • Documentations
  • Interested in a custom feature or MVP? Contact Us!
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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the project files?

After payment you will be automatically added to a private GitHub repository with all the project files and resources.

How often is this project updated and maintained?

This project is continuously maintained and updates are published on a bi-weekly basis. With direct access to the GitHub repository you will have access to updates as soon as it is pushed.

Can I customize this project?

Yes. When you purchase this boilerplate project, you get a fully customizable codebase so you can immediately start building your SaaS.

What if I require a custom feature?

It is possible to request custom features for an additional fee. Please reach out using the contact form to request custom features.